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The Story



  • Basics

RedMax is a Virtual Reality (VR) game for Samsung Gear VR (more platforms to come).


If you are a fan of drone racing or you are interested in drone flying you will like RedMax.  The physics of FPV250 Class drone racers is very close to the physics of the FS vehicle you will be flying in RedMax.  The high-g environment of the planet scales the simulation to a similar flight dynamic as a small drone on earth.


A little introduction is in order; You work for RedMax Mining as an FS-X Squirrel pilot. You have been hired to sabotage the seismic survey of a competitor exploring for a rare mineral known as “RedMax”.  The discovery of this mineral was a direct result of wormhole transport (WT) commercialization which opened the entire galaxy to earth based commercial development.


Another company has already arrived on the planet.  Once the lander has opened you need to quickly dispose of their BL-5 seismic pods shown on your HUD map.  Complete the mission as quickly as possible and return safely back to the lander.

Your score is based on disposal of the targets, minimizing use of ship and weapons energy, and not hitting the ground.  Watch out for the point defense missile system. The ship is pretty robust but it can be destroyed – and of course on this planet even an ejection won’t save you.




  • The Story

You are not a very nice person.  However, you did land a high paying job that perfectly fits your personality; you are a Squirrel pilot for RedMax Mining.


Ever since the discovery and commercialization of wormhole transport (WT), the entire galaxy has opened up to earth based commercial development.  Colonization, construction and especially mining enterprises have led to intense competition for the most suitable planets in the galaxy.


The RedMax mineral discovery has been one of the most significant benefits of WT.  This mineral when processed into a liquid state has phenomenal energy density and is the de facto standard for rocket fuel and gas turbine applications.  Mixed with hydrazine and used as a monopropellant or mixed with dinitrogen tetroxide as an oxidizer, RedMax blended rocket fuel provides rocket engines specific impulse capabilities in excess of 3000 seconds – more than ten times conventional fuel.


Various small but extremely dense planets have minable near-surface quantities.  However, in order to locate the mineral near-surface seismic exploration must be done.  This is where you come in.


A competing company has landed seismic exploration pods on the surface of one of these planets.  Your company wants to move in and has hired you to clear out these pods and sabotage their claim on the planet.


Your ship, the Flying Squirrel (FS-X) experimental vehicle cannot really be described as a purpose built craft.  It has been thrown together by your company for quick use on this new planet.  The craft is loosely based on low speed quad based transports but has been modified with energy weapons and as well as traditional Vulcan style cannons.   The working environment is high G.  The planet itself is six times denser than earth and the gravitational force on you is beyond most people’s capabilities.  You have trained hard for three months to manage about twenty minutes of operational time on the planet.


Your mission begins on the planet inside a custom RedMax lander.  The lander is a based on a commercially available multi-engine booster/lander craft called BL-4.  The BL-4 and 5 variants are either four or five engines.  The competing company used the BL-5 version for the seismic pods.


Once the RedMax lander has opened and you are released you need to quickly dispose of the BL-5 seismic pods scattered around the terrain map.  Unfortunately the competing company anticipated possible interference and has setup short range missile defense systems to protect theirassets.


You need to complete the mission as quickly as possible and touchdown safely back on the lander.  Your pay is based on your ability to quickly and thoroughly dispose of the targets.  You will also be rated by your use of ship energy, weapons energy, speed and piloting skill (don’t hit the ground).  The ship is pretty robust but it can be destroyed – and of course on this planet even an ejection won’t save you.



  • Heritage

RedMax is a derivative of the popular earth based sport of competitive drone racing. If you choose to fly with a game controller and full manual controls, you will experience physics very close to First Person View (FPV) drone racing - but with guns....


Drone racing has become an international sport with several racing leagues.  If you have not had a chance to see it check out a couple of YouTube videos or visit a couple of these links:


DRL - Drone Racing League


DRL - YouTube Channel

  • Media

3 Minutes of Game Play.

So what if we tried flying a RedMax FS Squirrel as a real drone with real controls!? Check out the experiment!